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LSMCW can organise from one workshop to everything you may need, including accommodation, meals, London transport, professional workshops, open-mic sessions, rehearsal studios, London performance, tours of London, recording/sound engineer session in a London recording studio, English Foreign Language classes, museum visits and much more.  For the professional workshops we either organise the workshops ourselves or partner with a number of different musical institutions including The Tech Music School, London School of Sound, Four Hills Music and Subbass DJ.LMSCW offers you a networking ability that would usually take years to establish, from the last group of 30 students more than 10 were spotted and played additional London gigs and another is in discussion with a London record label.
Club owner workshop - Yes/NoArtist manager workshop - Yes/NoHearing protection workshop - Yes/NoSound engineer workshop - Yes/NoMastering workshop - Yes/NoRehearsal session(s) - Number of hours London open-mic sessions - Yes/No live rehearsal session - Yes/No
Recording studio session - Yes/No Mastering session  - Yes/NLondon club performance - Yes/No British Music Experience at O2 Arena - Yes/NoTour BBC Radio - Yes/No London Rock Tour (3 hrs by minibus) - Yes/No West End Performance(s) and gigsState preference - for recommendations please ask. London travel cards - Yes/No Airport transWalking tours and visits of London - Portobello Market, Camden Market, West End, Carnaby Street and Soho, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Changing of the Guard and Buckingham Palace, Tate, Tate Modern, Greenwich, National MaritimMuseum, Royal Observatory and Greenwich Mean Time, London Eye, The British Museum, Imperial War Museum and National Gallery.  There are many more that can be organised but these are just some examples. Day Excursions - Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge Boat trip along the Thames - Yes/No
quipment rental - We will provide drum kit (not including cymbals or sticks), amps for guitars and bass guitars, microphones, microphone stands, keyboard, keyboard stand, decks, mixer and PA as and when required.
You will be expected to provide all other equipment.  We do partner with an equipment rental agency so will be able to organise rental of equip

Producers, DJs, MCs and Beatboxers Luke - Producer, Sioux City Boys Club DJ Nonames - DJ, Foreign Beggars Metropolis - MC, Foreign Beggars DJ Nookie - DJ and Producer, Fuzion Records DJ FD Five Alive - MC Jungle Drummer Deeizm - MC DJ Blazin ST8 - Producer, London School of Sound Ben Wood - Producer, London School of Sound Federico Begey - Producer, London School of Sound Greame - DJ and Producer, Subbass DJ Matthew - Sound Engineer, Showcase55 Shlomo - Founder and Beatboxer, All from the Mouth Nelly Elessa - Beatboxer, All from the Mouth Johannah Jolson - Beatboxer, All from the Mouth Billy Boothroyd - Beatboxer, All from the Mouth Grace Savage - Beatboxer, All from the Mouth Band C-Dog - Guitar, Mean Poppa Lean Wayne Martin - Drums/percussion, Four Hills Music Tim Reyland - Drums/percussion, Four Hills Music Sarah Holmes - Guitar, Four Hills Music Pedro Velasco - Guitar, Four Hills Music Alvaro Domene - Guitar, Four Hills Music Sara Conrad - Vocals, Four Hills Music Dulice Liecier - Vocals, Four Hills Music Andy Harris - Vocals, Four Hills Music Susan Geeson - Vocals, Four Hills Music Ian Smith - Vocals, Four Hills Music Martin Short - Keyboards, Four Hills Music Simon Legg - Keyboards, Four Hills Music Martin Stogden - Keyboards, Four Hills Music Claire Stogden - Flute, Four Hills Music Luke Pinkstone - Saxaphone, Four Hills Music Marcus Joseph - Saxaphone, Four Hills Music Richard Smith - Saxaphone, Four Hills Music Alethea Belone - Saxaphone, Four Hills Music Tom Boorman - Trumpet, Four Hills Music Other Tammi and Colin - owners of Ginglik Reg - Artist Manager, Dented Records Fred - hearing protection workshop, Audio Relief Gav - Artist Sponsor, THTC Corin - Owner, iLive Music Charelle - Who is Arts Alex - Who is Arts Yog - Photographer, Red Tiga Tom Lancaster - Owner, Overhang Productions In the month of May we organised workshops with or events at the following venues. Four Hills Music
London School of Sound Subbass DJ Academy Kensington and Chelsea College The Tech Music Schools - (Drum-tech, Vocal-tech, Guitar-X, Bassguitar-X and Keyboard-tech) Dented Records - Record Label Boxed - Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra, beatbox sensation British Music Experience at the Millennium Dome O2 London Rock Tour by minibus (3 hours) Walking London Tour (Soho, Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street and Carnaby Street) Boat along the Thames BBC Radio Head Office tour Audio Relief - hearing protection Ginglik

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