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Open Courses are designed for individuals and groups. LMSCW organises the half-board accommodation, English Foreign Language classes (EFL) and partners with established schools to provide the professional workshops.Vocal, Guitar, Bass guitar, Drum and Keyboard courses Starting on 26th July or 9th August - 1 or 2 weeks. Full package -  £620 per week Professional music course - £295 per week 14 hours of workshops, 2.5 hours of free study time, unlimited rehearsal time and 1.5 hours of performance showcase Accommodation - £175 per week Breakfast and dinner included, additional supplement for own room, youth hostel or hotel. English Foreign Language, British Council accredited school Prices start from - £85 per week (this varies throughout the year please contact for a quote). London Experience - £65 per week Visit to British Music Experience (02 Arena) or BBC Radio Tour Perform at Open-Mic
1 entrance to West End performance or 3 hour London Rock Tour by minibus 1 professional workshop (record label workshop, club promotion workshop, club owner workshop, artist manager workshop or hearing protection workshop) Electronic Music Production Full package - £2812 Professional Electronic Music Production - £1650 - (60 hours workshop with tutor and 20 hours additional practice) Accommodation - £679 - (4 weeks accommodation including breakfast and dinner) English Foreign Language - £323 - British Council accredited school, (can be £85 per week if required) Extra - £160 Visit British Music Experience at the O2, tour BBC Radio on Regent Street (Oxford Circus), entrance to a west end show, 3 hour London Rock Tour by minibus, record label workshop, club promotion workshop, club owner workshop, artist manager workshop, half day at Camden and Portobello markets, walking tour of Soho and Carnaby Street. Foundations of Sound Engineering






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